Step 1 - Choose a Spin-e-Kube type
Art Yarn, Scotch tension, Irish tension
Step 2 - Choose a Wood Type
Oak, Walnut, or Poplar. Lightweight poplar can be plain or stained
Step 3 - Choose a PLA color
Copper, Silver, Black, White, Brown, Red Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, Rainbow
Handmade and Homegrown for Everyone


About our family

Handmade and Homegrown for Everyone!
Hello! We are Jessica and Tim, owners of Forever Growing. We are a blended and extended 3 generation family of 6+ living in rural Clifton Tennessee. We raise a small fiber flock of angora goats, and make 3-d printed Spin-e-Kube spinning wheels. When we first started this business we had no idea how much interest we would get in our spinning wheels, and we have been growing ever since. These wheels bring us joy, and allow us to build a life we do not need a vacation from! 😁

Made in the U.S.A.

We make Spin-e-Kubes right here in the U.S.A. and we source many of our parts from local U.S. suppliers and companies
One of the things we believe in is supporting our local economy. Shapard's Lumberyard, out of nearby Columbia Tennessee produces our Spin-e-kube bases from a variety of woods. Some wood is sourced locally from TN and other states, with a handful of wonderful exotic and imported varieties available as well. We also use Tung oil wood finishes from the Real Milk Paint company, which is also headquarted in Tennessee.

Spin-e-Kube Catalog

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Our Story

Tim got a 3-d printer right around the time I was learning to spin. When he offered to make me an e-spinner, I was delighted with the results! the conversation went something like this: Jessica: Hey Tim! This is AWESOME! Tim: smiles Jessica: Do you know how we've been talking about starting a business? Tim: yeah...? Jessica: This is it! Everyone NEEDS one of these Tim: OK. We really thought there were only going to be a few wheels sold here and there, but we are still growing! It is so exciting! We look forward to meeting you!

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Our home is our business, you are welcome to visit, tour the factory, and meet the goats. Please make an appointment
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